Volunteer Spotlight - Brian Robben

Posted by Natalie Evans on 11/16/2021

Volunteer Spotlight - Brian Robben

Brian Robben started volunteering with OKC Beautiful in July, when he attended a training on how to use Litterati to collect data during trash cleanups. Since then, he has been a regular volunteer! Not only is he dedicated to the cause, he also brings kindness and a positive attitude with him to each event. (In fact, he even brought hot chocolate for volunteers at our last clean up!)

Brian said he began volunteering with us because he frequently spends time outside hiking, biking, and kayaking and wants to help conserve and beautify the trails and waterways he uses regularly.

Brian’s favorite part of Oklahoma is its diverse landscapes, from lakes and rivers to mountains and caves, and even sand dunes.

He shares his love for Oklahoma and the community in his role as a team member with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. Thank you, Brian, for being a star volunteer and sharing your kindness and love of nature with Oklahoma City!

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Brian RobbenBrian Robben