Volunteer Spotlight - Cecilia Kim

Posted by Natalie Evans on 12/14/2021

Volunteering with OKC Beautiful was one of the first "social" activities Cecilia participated in earlier this summer, as it provided an outdoor opportunity to get involved. She came to a cleanup with OKC Beautiful and We.Grow.Eco at Wheeler Park, and has since come out to volunteer at several clean-up events. "I had a blast, said Cecilia. "I was a little anxious because I'm not a really outgoing person, but everyone was really laid back and sweet. I felt really comfortable! As I continued to volunteer I just really noticed that it's almost a therapeutic activity and calming for me."

She recently joined us for a clean up at the River Trail and said, "I got to see parts of Oklahoma City I never knew or really thought about but also get an understanding of the consequences and impact of human actions."

Cecilia is currently studying at OSU-OKC, with the intent to transfer to OSU Stillwater for their Environmental Policy Department. She plans to work in marine and forestry conservation in the future. 

She is bringing her passion for the environment and the outdoors to volunteer work with OKC Beautiful. "My favorite part about Oklahoma City is that it's really a melting pot of the world! I've met so many people from different walks of life, and we have established so many safe places and communities within our communities to help each other out. I think it's a real eye-opener and awesome. You can never judge a book by its cover when you live here."

In her free time, Cecilia loves crocheting, taking care of her houseplants, and road tripping with her partner to find the best star gazing spots. 

When Cecilia dreams of the future of Oklahoma City, she said, "I really hope that the people of Oklahoma City will come together and find ways to not only help themselves but also the possibility of a good, sustainable life for future generations that encourages healthy habits for our city, everyone, and everything in the world!"

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