Volunteer Spotlight - Cynthia Brindley

Posted by Natalie Evans on 02/15/2022


Pictured above are volunteers putting on the Mother Earth play. Cynthia is pictured on the far left. 

Cynthia Brindley is a long-time volunteer for OKC Beautiful, having dedicated her time to the organization since the early 1990s. Early in her time volunteering with OKC Beautiful, she proposed the idea for our Mother Earth program, reaching elementary school students with an introductory understanding of caring for the environment. Today, Cynthia continues as a dedicated volunteer, serving on OKC Beautiful's Board of Directors and as the Chair of the Program Committee.

As an educator, Cynthia believes in the value of instilling in children a love of nature and the environment. Her teaching career started in 1977, educating at the 3rd grade level. In 1981, she obtained a Master in Gifted Education, while working in education in the metro area. Shortly after, she began a 35-year position teaching brainstorming and creative thinking skills to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Westminster School in Oklahoma City. 

The idea for the Mother Earth program came to Cynthia as she was grappling with the issue of litter, not only in Oklahoma City, but universally. 

"I thought that if we could somehow get kids invested in a beautiful environment, then maybe they would grow up to expect a litter-free world and do what it takes to make that happen," Cynthia said. "I sat down with two board members and friends and started brainstorming with them about solutions. I had read something about how a play can reach a lot of people at once, and I thought maybe that would work! I did research about plays for kids and then we just put together a very simple message via a play."

Cynthia and other volunteers portrayed characters in the Mother Earth play and began visiting elementary schools with the production. A modification of this play still exists today through our Mother Earth program, and reaches an estimated 10,000 students each year with messaging about litter, recycling, water conservation, a love of nature, and more.

Cynthia has been a dedicated member of the Oklahoma City community for decades and serves as a strong ambassador for our city. "My favorite thing about OKC is the people," Cynthia said. "I’m from North Dakota, so I love the Midwest, and Oklahoma City has those same kind, loving, compassionate and supportive people!"

Cynthia continues to serve the Oklahoma City community as a volunteer with OKC Beautiful, serving as an ambassador at the information desk at Will Rogers World Airport, and volunteering with her church. She has been married to her husband Jerry for 40 years and in her free time enjoys reading, cooking, walking, and traveling. 

When she thinks of a future Oklahoma City, she hopes to "keep working to make it even more beautiful with landscape projects, planting tons of trees, and of course maintaining a litter-free environment."

We are so appreciative for the time and creativity Cynthia has invested in our programming and in our City. Thank you, Cynthia!

Cynthia Pictured above are OKC Beautiful staff members, Mayor Mick Cornett, and Cynthia dressed as Mother Earth. 


Cynthia is pictured on the far right, presenting at a Mother Earth production. 


Cynthia is pictured with her husband Jerry.