Community Appearance

OKC Beautiful advocates enforcement of community appearance ordinances through the City of Oklahoma City Neighborhood Services. Violations commonly reported:  

  1. Dead or Diseased Tree
  2. Tall Grass and Weeds (taller than 12 inches)
  3. Dilapidated Structure/Unsecured Structure
  4. Front Yard Parking
  5. Inoperable Vehicle
  6. View Obstruction
  7. Graffiti
  8. Junk and Debris

If you have a community appearance complaint, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Call Action Center at 297-2535 and file a complaint. Make sure to exchange contact information. You can also report issues online at SeeClickFix and track the progress of your report.
  2. Create a paper trail! Request that a written copy of the complaint be mailed back to you.
  3. Request to be notified when action has been taken to correct the issue.
  4. Take PHOTOS and mail them with the complaint.
  5. Last resort - contact your City Councilperson. If you're unsure what Ward you live in, go to and click on Mayor and City Council.