OKC Harvest

About OKC Harvest 

OKC Harvest is the school garden support program of OKC Beautiful. Our goal is to enable students to experience hands-on learning through the transformative experience of gardening at school. To do this we involve students in the preparation of garden soil, planting, growing and eating healthy foods. The garden gives students alternate worlds - the micro and the macro - into which they can gaze while writing, reading or working, whether it is Science, Language or Math. 

During even the most basic gardening experiences, students benefit physically, mentally and emotionally. Sometimes the positive effects are immediate in the form of improved mood, but we understand that, more importantly, each garden lesson leaves impressions on students that have life-long positive impacts, including their propensity to eat fruits and vegetables as adults.

Kindergarten students at Bodine enjoy a taste of the lettuce they grew in their garden.

Why is OKC Beautiful investing in school gardens? Because a child who has experienced nature can learn to care about it. We want to help nurture the next generation of environmental stewards who will be involved and active in helping to make Oklahoma City a beautiful, safe and healthy place to live. 

Even more importantly, the children of Oklahoma City need us. National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) ranks OK 43rd in Education Quality. We have the 5th  highest percentage of obese 10 – 17-year-olds in the country (www.StateofObesity.org, 2017). Studies show that children who garden have better eating habits even as adults. 

The Garden Educator Program

Garden Educator, Micah Stover, practices letter sounds with Kindergarten students at Bodine Elementary School

The garden educators coordinate weekly maintenance and provide garden lessons regularly to students. Our garden-based and health-centered curriculum ties into state academic standards and emphasizes Sciences, Math and Language concepts. Health, Social Studies and Art are also consistently woven in.

We are committed to continuing the garden educator model in both of our pilot program schools permanently and ultimately replicating the program throughout the district and beyond. 

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School Garden Benefits

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See us in action!

OKC Harvest students took their skills home during the Spring 2020 school closures!

See the digital resources we created for the 2020/2021 School Year on our Garden Educator Program Schools page. 

Thank You Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation! 

OKC Harvest received a Sprouts Healthy Communities Impact Grant in 2019 and a Sprouts Neighborhood Grant in 2021. We are beyond grateful that Sprouts shares our vision for creating sustainable school gardens for Oklahoma City's kids. 

Thank You to These Community Partners Who Also Make OKC Harvest Possible.