The Sustainable Pest and Disease Control Approach

Posted on 04/29/2020

Be Wise - Garden Organically!

Controling pests and diseases naturally in a garden requires a shift in our approach from one of reactive to proactive. everytime we grab a bottle of "bug killer" to get those pests, we risk weakening some part of our garden ecosystem (including ourselves) or exacerbating the underying problems that brought the pests on in the first place. 


"Integrated pest management" (IPM) is a widely accepted method for taking the pest-control action that causes the least harm first. We like to call it "intelligent pest management" too, because if we garden this way, we ultimately save time, money, and resources in the long run. Our gardens become ecosystems in and of themselves, which are by their nature, more sustainable than individual plants existing in a landscape.


Organic gardeners hang out in the first few steps of the IPM pyramid. To learn more, consult this summary of the IPM approach for gardeners: Sustainable Pest and Disease Control It highlights a few key methods and the less toxic options for handling problems that do arise. For detailed, crop-specific, natural pest control, please also see our post Natural Control of OK Garden Pests