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Volunteer Spotlight: Jessica Stuehler

Jessica and her daughter Sophia first volunteered with OKC Beautiful earlier this year for the LitterBlitz Kick Off event at Oliver Park.

"What drew me to volunteering with OKC Beautiful was seeing how much of a difference this organization was making for our environment, the world we live in, to help make it a better place, one step at a time," Jessica said. "And I wanted to be a part of that and involve my daughter to show her that everyone can help make a difference."

Since that time, they have volunteered at litter cleanups, planting trees, sifting compost, and sorting recycling and compost at zero waste events.

"I would have to say that my favorite volunteer opportunity with OKC Beautiful was the tree planting.  Helping others have these trees planted in their yards and interacting with the residents was a true pleasure.  I also enjoyed working with groups and watching my daughter take action and seeing first-hand the result of our hard work.  It's amazing to see a team of complete strangers come together and achieve something for others and you can feel the determination and dedication in everyone because they want to be there and give back to our community."

Jessica and Sophia show up with enthusiasm, no matter the task or the weather conditions. From sifting compost in 90 degree temperatures to delivering trees on a cold and rainy day, they exude positivity.

"I volunteer because I have a passion for helping others and giving back.  For me it is a simple action to take, but can have such a strong impact and everyone that volunteers adds to that impact, as there is strength in numbers.  Knowing that I can help make a change in this world, for our environment, to make our community a bit more beautiful, is what keeps me volunteering."

In her free time, and not when volunteering, Jessica loves to be outdoors. "Whether it's hiking, running, camping, paddleboarding, or just going for walks with my pup... if not outdoors, I also enjoy reading, cooking up random things, doing yoga, and spending time with the ones I love."

Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your time for our mission and for serving such a positive example for Sophia!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, click here to learn more.

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