Mother Earth

Mother Earth Celebrates 20 Years!

Since 1998 the Mother Earth program has reached more than 100,000 students in Oklahoma City. The program begins with a school-wide interactive play performed by professional actors. Mother Earth, Darlin’ Daisy, and Larry the Litterbug lead the students through lessons on litter abatement, recycling, and water conservation. This year, we made some exciting additions to the program. We expanded the program to 35 schools, reaching nearly 15,000 kids. With the rollout of OKC’s new single-stream recycling, we want students to be the recycling advocates in their homes! Mother Earth covers the basic dos and don’ts of recycling as she helps Larry pick up his litter. She encourages him to recycle his aluminum can and plastic bottle and lets him know that plastic bags and food don’t belong in the recycling cart. Larry also learns about wasting water and why it is harmful to the earth. Mother Earth says “We must look out after every drop. So much water is wasted when people leave the water running when they don’t need it!”

This year we partnered with Squeeze Every Drop and Keep Oklahoma Beautiful for hands-on programming for the 4th graders immediately following the play. Squeeze Every Drop led the students through a think-pair-share activity on water conservation and the number of gallons used for common household activities and chores like showering, washing dishes, and laundry. The students were able to get their hands dirty in our vermicomposting bin and observe the decomposition cycle first-hand. We also played a recycling game where students learned about different materials and sorted them into waste, recycling, or compost. We are encouraged by this generation of eager young leaders and their commitment to the environment. 

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Program Sponsors include:
Kirkpatrick Family Fund and OG&E 

Photos from Mother Earth!